We are Creative Arts from Dubai, Middle East and we provide exceptional creative services to incredible dentists and we are an all around highly trained dental designers and technicians. We focus on producing excellent and above average finish products to exceed our clients expectations. As of now, Creative Arts has been expanding its notable job all over the whole Middle East. Combining the advance technology with our well versed experienced team, we are committed to fulfill our vision of delivering the quality first time, every time!


Creative Arts is proud to present to be the first Dental Laboratory in the UAE to manufacture all of our work fully digital through our 2 in-house Cad/Cam systems. In the past two years, we have studied the market and found great selection of new Cad/Cam System and in our research we’ve selected 3M ESPE Lava as the best tool that meets the wishes and demands of most dentists these days.

Please take your time to browse through our work and see what’s happening inside our lab. If you think that we can help you boost your clinics reputation then head to the contacts page and we’ll talk things out.


»  Lava™ Crown »  Zircon Inlay / Onlay »  Emax Crown
»  Lava™ Maryland Bridge »  Zircon Inlay / Onlay Bridge »  Ceramic All Around Shoulder
»  Lava™ Implant Abutment »  Zircon Maryland Bridge »  Metal Crown
»  Zircon Crown »  Ceramic Fused to Non-Precious Metal »  Implant Abutment
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We make it easy for you to send your cases to us! Contact us and we will provide you with our “Getting Started Package”. That includes everything you will need to start your work in our laboratory.


ORTHO+ Aligner is a nearly invisible sheet that corrects teeth which are too far apart and misaligned or overcrowded. Align your teeth with way to invisible get beautiful smile and aligned your teeth with painless, easy comfortable way.